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Unsung Heroes

  • The dramatic successor to the unforgettable 'CRY of TIN'
  • A powerful 90 minute musical drama telling of the fall and rise of the Gardens of Heligan, Cornwall
  • Narration & drama link unforgettable songs by Cornwall's leading song-writers.

    Act 1: The Garden

    A peaceful and ordered land, but all was about to change.

    • Scene 1: To Find the Garden
    • Scene 2: The World Tree
    • Scene 3: Crying the Neck
    • Scene 4: The Oaks
    • Scene 5: A Call to Arms
    • Scene 6: The Lonely Village

    Act 2: The Valley of the Shadow

    The end of the old order, the start of the new.

    • Scene 1: Crying the Neck
    • Scene 2: Arras
    • Scene 3: Crying the Neck
    • Scene 4: At the Eleventh Hour
    • Scene 5: Seed Time
  • Characters: Helygen, Head Gardener, Gardeners, Maid, Narrator
  • Suitable for Village Halls, Small Theatres, & unprepared venues
  • Producer: Mike O'Connor