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THE CRY OF TIN - The Players

  • Jon Heslop became well known during the miners strike of 1984 through his song Old Soldiers.
  • Mike O'Connor is a well known fiddle-player, accompanist and story-teller, and a writer of powerful songs.
  • Miranda Truscott is the youngest of the group, having started songwriting at the age of 13. Miranda performs regularly with her parents and increasingly as a soloist.
  • Tony Franklin, ex Jinks' Stack, singer and multi-instrumentalist
  • Tony Truscott is a versatile singer, songwriter and poet. Tony wrote The Lamb and Flag mass, broadcast on Radio Cornwall.
  • John Wallace, singer and guitarist, has been writing and performing good music since the 60's
  • Roger Bryant the man who wrote Cornish Lads, (he tunnelled out of the picture above).
  • Pete Berryman: dynamic folk /jazz/blues guitarist & singer/songwriter. Sadly Pete has not been able to attend recent performances. Pete's hands were badly injured after an attack by guard dogs. Pete is now teaching guitar again, but is only slowly regaining the ability to achieve his wonderful dexterity without considerable pain. So Pete is accepting a smaller number of gigs than he would like - we all hope he achieves a full and speedy recovery.
Cornwall Songwriters are thought-provoking, entertaining and skilled, and reaffirm the message that Cornwall has much to sing about.