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Cornwall Songwriters

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Cornwall Songwriters Logo, drawn by John Wallace, is based on a 19th century Cornish tin penny. It shows pilchards and ingots of tin, for centuries the silver harvest of Cornwall.

Cornwall Songwriters gives mutual support to songwriters working in Cornwall, mainly in a traditional or folk genre. We have:

  • Created the very successful dramas, The Cry of Tin in a 2-year run, 2000-2002, and Unsung Heroes, 2004-2006, and Cornish Lads, 2008-2011,  each with matching CD and song book. These shows have been performed in theatres and village halls across the South West. They include Sidmouth International Folk Festival and many other major events.
  • Run showcase concerts at events including Wadebridge, Du Maurier, and Lowender Peran festivals and for Radios Cornwall & Bristol.
  • Run workshops for community groups and festivals, and a training scheme for new songwriters.

Training The team includes professional and semi-professional artists with recording credits to their names. Some are nationally known in their field All are strong performers. But that same team teaches and encourages newcomers to songwriting and perfornance. Others are challenged in various way: they are young, old, disadvantaged, suffering ill-health, unemployed. However, the result is a growing body of talent in community art in Cornwall, from people from all situations and walks of life.

Output We offer material to producers of plays, radio, TV and film, music and storytelling concerts, and community arts events. We offer a wide range of musical styles, including songs written and performed in English or Cornish, a-cappella or with complex instrumentation.

Our GREAT shows:

The Cry of Tin 10 June 2000 - 4 May 2002
Unsung Heroes
5 June 2004 - 27 August 2006
Cornish Lads 30 May 2008- 2 April 2011

Cry of Tin CD image        Unsung Heroes CD image          Image of the Cornish Lads CD

Cornwall Songwriters has long established policies on equality of treatment regardless of colour, gender, age, disability, class or wealth.
The club constitution, equality, fiscal and health and safety policies are transparent and may be requested.