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Mike O’Connor and Barbara Griggs make music of breathtaking beauty on a variety of musical instruments, principally the harp, violin, octave violin, and viol.

Mike is the leading researcher of music in Cornwall, and Barbara is a respected early music specialist. Together they perform a unique repertoire, the product of unprecedented scholarship that has led to the discovery of many early manuscripts and previously unconsidered sources in Cornwall.

Mike is well-known for his song writing. His evocative songs, such as ‘Carrying Nelson Home’ have a wide following.

Mike is also a well-respected storyteller, with a deep knowledge of Cornish legends and folk tales, and a mesmerising skill with language.

An evening with Mike and Barbara is relaxed and highly entertaining, a delightful blend of fact, fiction, and music that has been described as ‘balm for the soul.’

Image of Mike and Barbara playing octave violin and harp.

Mike and Barbara can also be heard at www.myspace.com/covath
Try 'By Midnight' Mike's story arranged by Perran Tremewan

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