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The composer of the lovely theme music for Poldark is the brilliant Anne Dudley. She is the composer for the series.

Mike O'Connor advised Mammoth Screen on dances, tunes, folksongs and instruments.

Mike also provides 'additional music'. This includes the tunes for "I d'Pluck a Fair Rose" (Series 1, Episodes 4 & 8) and "As Pretty a Piece of Mischief" (Series 1, Episode 4) and tune & lyrics for "Medhel an Gwyns" (Series 1, Episode 8).

"I d'Pluck a Fair Rose" has now passed 7.8M views on UK TV and 3.5M views on BBC iPlayer.
"Medhel an Gwyns" made history when 7.4M viewers heard the Cornish language on prime-time TV.

Mike has also written some stunning songs for Series 2, but at the moment they are still a secret. Also in Series 2 you will hear Mike playing out of shot, and see Mike on screen in a cameo role as a fiddler - what else! Furthermore, for Series 2 Mike has been teaching a cast member to play violin.

Also, for Series 2, Mike has provided one of his fiddles to appear on-screen as an authentic 'Poldark Violin'. The instrument used is a true folk fiddle made by James Reavy, a Dunbar weaver, in the early 19th century. It is a 'transitional' fiddle, strung throughout with gut strings. The tailpiece is simple and tied with gut, and there is no chin or shoulder rest.

Dave Webber: "I knew instantly that this tune was from the O'Connor stable, it has Mike's "Fingerprints of Genius" all over it. Great sensitivity to the tradition. Brilliant! Thank you BBC for going to the trouble to get it right!"

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Many thanks to all who voted for Return to Lyonesse in the BASE Awards 2013.
To be nominated was a pleasure, to be shortlisted was a delight, to win our category was only possible with a lot of help!
To have received so many votes and friendly, supportive messages was an honour.

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